Continuous Insulation And The Building Envelope

On February 11th, 2020, the BEC-Indiana held their quarterly education event with great success. Several speakers were presented, including Andy McIntyre of Kingspan, Drew Clausen of Owens Corning, Grant Stahl of Hunter Panels, Jay Saldana of Icynene and Brad Brosmer of Superior BES. The event was well attended, with 65 attendees, ranging from designers to owners, suppliers to tradesmen.


The presentation and demonstrations were geared toward the concept of Continuous Insulation: what it is, how it is impacting the industry and how to manage the trades accordingly. We discussed the significant growth of CI in the Commercial Building Sector. Attendees learned about the evolution of its use along with the importance and value that CI provides.


Several CI products were discussed, including Mineral Wool, Rigid Foam Board and Spray Foam. The products were presented by product and application experts, who explained their respective advantages as well as some of their limitations in use and design.

Thank you to our Gold & Silver sponsors, who allow us to continue these great events for the community. Thank you to our speakers who took the time to prepare and present their individual positions pertaining to the topic.

Our next event will be in April, where we will be discussing Roof/Wall assemblies.

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