Understanding Difficult Critical Transitions of Air, Vapor and Moisture Barriers

On July 10th, The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) of Indiana hosted their second breakfast seminar to discuss the importance of understanding difficult critical transitions of air, vapor and moisture barriers. The event was attended by over 65 individuals representing a diverse group of owners and construction professionals. The feedback was extremely positive, which only further illustrates the importance of the information being presented, and how the adoption of these principals is crucial to the growing success of this segment of the industry.

We would like to extend great thanks to architect, speaker and industry professional, Corey Zussman. His delivery of the material, ease of communication and frankly, willingness to share his knowledge, was invaluable.

Here are some highlights from the material presented:

This presentation allowed us to identify the many difficult critical transitions on complex building types and provided the tools to better understand the reasoning and sequencing needed to complete the installation in order to prevent constructability issues and potential rework in the field.

This was done through drawing detailing and correlating construction photos of actual installations and explanations of each condition.

The next educational event will be held in September 2019. Please subscribe for all future announcements.

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