Window Flashings and Durable Window to Wall Transitions

On Tuesday, November 19th, the Indiana chapter of the BEC delivered another very informative and well attended event. Around 45 attendees were given an opportunity to learn more about window flashings and window to wall transitions, problems that can occur and solutions that exist in the market. Thank you to our speakers, Tom Bane, Sr. Project Engineer at SME and Brian Stroik, Tremco Director of Building Enclosure and Chair of ABAA.

Tom Bane highlight: As it relates to window to wall transitions… 1) Provide a metal back-dam 2) Use a membrane pan 3) Seal the window anchors 4) Provide and interior air seal.

Brian Stroik “fun” fact: Building Enclosure Failures is a Billion Dollar Annual Business… $18 Billion in 2018.

Thank you to our sponsors as well! Your assistance and support is invaluable to the success of our educational seminars.

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