“Window Flashings and Durable Window to Wall Transitions”, November 19th, 2019 // 8:00am-10:30am -The Insurance Industry pays out hundreds of millions of dollars every year in water and moisture issues dealing with the building enclosure and litigation for enclosure failures is just as major of an issue. Building Science has demonstrated our buildings waste or leak out roughly 30% of the energy used in Northern climates and air infiltration / exfiltration is a major cause of building failures. By focusing on dealing with the areas of the Building Enclosure where most of these failures occur, our industry could greatly reduce these numbers and provide Owners more efficient, healthier buildings for their clients. Tom Bane will look at the three types of contemporary fenestrations and discuss common flashing methods, deficiencies, and potential solutions. Brian Stroik will focus on the window to wall connection and provide solutions to one of construction’s biggest issue areas.





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